Citizens for a Better Norwood 3

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Draft of Compliance with Use Regulations Ordinance

1121.05 Compliance with Use Regulations

(a) No building or structure shall be erected, converted, enlarged, reconstructed, or structurally altered no shall any building or land be used for any purpose other than is permitted in the district in which the building or land is located.

(b) No building, structure, and land shall be used for any of the following uses:
(1.) the storage or processing of scrap metal or junk vehicles
(2.) Junk Yards
(3.) Motor vehicle wrecking
(4.) Escort services
(5.) Sexual encounter centers
(6.) Class-B Retail
(7.) Sanatorium
(8.) Special assistance shelter
(9.) Alcohol and drug rehab clinic or shelter
(10.) Transitional Housing
(11.) Adult Motel
(12.) Day-Labor Business
(13.) Non-therapeutic Massage Parlor

1111.117 Class B Retail
“Class B Retail” means non-FDIC insured financial institutions, short-term-loan establishments, pawn shops, firearms sales, dollar stores, sale of used merchandise except consignment, tattoo parlors, furniture-rental establishments; rent-to-own establishments of merchandise and equipment.

1111.101 Pawn Shop

“Pawn Shop” means any business that loans money on deposit of personal property or deals in the purchase or possession of personal property on condition of selling the property back again to the depositor, or loans or advances money on personal property by taking chattel mortgage security thereon, and takes or receives such personal property.

1111.126 Short Term Loan Establishment

“Short term loan establishment” means a business engaged in providing short-term loans of money of an original term of less than 31 days, with or without security given by the borrower or with or without a comake, guarantor, endorser or surety, to members of the general public as an element of its operation and which is not a bank or a savings and loan association. Short term loan establishments shall include businesses offering what is, or is marketed as, payday loans, signature loans, title (to vehicles, boats or other personal property, but no real estate) loans, check-cashing loans, small loans and other similar loans; but, does not include pawn shops.

111.127 Special Assistance Shelter

“Special assistance shelter” means a facility for the short-term housing for individuals who are homeless and who may require special services.

1111.128 Transitional Housing

“Transitional housing” means housing designed to assist persons in obtaining skills necessary for independent living in permanent housing, including homes for adjustment and halfway houses. Transitional housing is housing in which:

(a) An organization provides a program of therapy, counseling or training for the residential occupants;

(b) The organization opening the program is licensed or authorized by a governmental authority having jurisdiction over operation; and

(c) The program is for the purpose of assisting the residential occupants in one or more of the following types of care:

(1) Protection from abuse and neglect;
(2) Developing skills necessary to adjust to life;
(3) Adjusting to living with the handicaps of physical disability;
(4) Adjusting to living with the handicaps of emotional or mental disorder of mental retardation;
(5) Recuperation from the effects of drugs or alcohol, even if under criminal justice supervision; or
(6) Readjusting to society while housed under criminal justice supervision including, but no limited to, pre-release, work-release and probational programs.

1111.129 Day Labor Business

Day labor business means any enterprise, other than a labor union or a not-for-profit organization, engaged in procuring or providing persons to perform temporary unskilled work at a site other than the premised to which (1) the day laborers are paid, by the day labor business or a third party employer, each work day or on the business day following the work day, and (2) persons arrive at the premises to make application for work as a day laborer, to obtain assignment for day labor, to obtain transportation to a day labor site or to obtain payment of wages or benefits for day labor. For the purposes of this definition, “unskilled work” means work involving physical tasks for which the (1) worker is not required by law to hold a professional or occupation license, or (2) the employer or contractor controlling the site of the work does not require the worker to have (a) a high school diploma or its equivalent, or (b) education beyond high school, or (c) relevant vocational education or (d) demonstrated proficiency with a specified type of machinery to be used in the work, but does not include white collar, secretarial, clerical or professional work.