Citizens for a Better Norwood 3

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Residents' action plan re X.U. students' bad behavior

Information that was gathered from various sources during the meeting. This is information that will be helpful now in working with your Xavier students.

All – Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday November 16th at 5pm. Tentative location is 3904 Regent Ave (unless someone else volunteers to host).

XU - 1st and 2nd year students must live on campus

XU - Xavier is starting a neighborhood advisory board with representatives from Avondale, Norwood, and Evanston as well as student representation

Norwood - Disorderly house ordinance 1 call = warning; 2 call = citation (residents); 3 call = landlord notify; 4 call = landlord citation

Residents – If you suspect that Xavier students are listening to police band radio, you can request they use an encrypted channel instead of police band.

Residents – Citizens on Patrol would be excited to have new volunteers for patrols. Contact Bill Graf if you are interested. 731-6977 or

Norwood – Official parking ordinances, 1 ft from driveway, 20 ft from stop sign.

Steve Thornbury, our council representative, urges us all to call him at anytime. 373-9653. You can also email him at or check out his page at

Angie Kneflin, the Off Campus Housing Coordinator at XU can be contacted via email at

Short-Term Actions (1-4 weeks)
Suggested actions that might be implemented in a short period of time (1-4 weeks). These are things which can be done individually or already have facilities in place to handle.

Norwood - Xavier students who have work detail with the City of Norwood should be cleaning-up trash from our neighborhood. Lt. Williams following up with Norwood Police Department.

Residents – Lt. Tom Williams urges residents to call the police over any disturbance.

XU / Residents – Review Xavier off-campus policy. Contact other campuses to get a copy of their off-campus policies (Miami, Butler, Louisville).

Residents – Work with building department (contact Jerry Stoker). Invite them to the next meeting.

Residents – Gather contact list of people / addresses / phone #

Residents – Look to get more Xavier administration involvement (in addition to Luther Smith and Angie Kneflin). We are going to contact Bellarmine Chapel to see if one of the priests would be interested in coming to the event. Also look for XU police chief to get involved in future meetings.

Residents – Provide examples of exemplary houses / landlords / students to be role-models.

Residents – Keep track of XU student disturbances/instances to provide example of volume.

Medium-Term Actions (4-12 weeks)

Suggested actions that might be implemented in a longer period of time (1-3 months). These actions require some level of effort or require coordination of multiple parties.

XU – What is the registered communication between XU police, XU off-campus housing, Norwood police? If an XU student is arrested or cited by Norwood police, what is the reporting back to XU? When we report a noise complaint to XU police, what is the process for follow-up? This process must be clarified.

XU / Residents – Evaluate and recommend changes based on other off-campus

Residents – Create online forum to capture XU incidents (even ones that aren’t reported) for data that would be helpful in working with Xavier. Potentially hook into Google maps. Create a blog or online website for distributing updates

XU / Residents – Create flyer for Xavier students explaining off-campus policies, disorderly house ordinance, how they can get involved.

XU/Norwood – Foot patrols during the “home from the bar” period of the night.

Long-Term Actions (3-12 months)

Suggested actions that would take a long period of time to implement (3-12 months). These probably involve policy, procedure, or organizational changes and may require multiple agencies.