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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WNNA letter seeking donations for COPP 800MHz radios

West Norwood Neighborhood Association

Concerned Citizens Working To Improve Our Neighborhood

Dear Community Member,

We are writing to ask your help with a very important project. As members of the West Norwood Neighborhood Association (WNNA), we are dedicated to improving our community for all who live and work here, as well as creating a neighborhood that is an inviting place to visit.

Our most recently completed project has been an astounding success! After 18 months of hard work by our volunteers, we reopened the Police Substation at the corner of Mills and Courtland. This Police Substation offers residents a place to obtain information, take trainings and hold meetings. It is also a great opportunity to view the collection of Norwood Police memorabilia, including a 100 year old flat iron jail cell. We would have not been able to complete this project without the help of generous donors from the community.

We have now begun another project that will greatly improve the lives of those who live and work in Norwood. Communities all over the country have started Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) with much success. This type of grassroots program engages people who live in the community, raising the visibility of citizens while helping to reduce crime. Working with the Norwood Police Department, Community Affairs Officer Lt. Williams, and the Norwood Mayors Office, we are developing training classes for our COPP volunteers.

This is where we so desperately need your help! We lack communications equipment for this communitybased crime prevention program. More specifically, we need 800MHz handheld radios ($1900 each) for our patrol groups. Patrol groups communicate via this radio with the Norwood Police Dispatch to report suspicious activities while on patrol. These radios will also be able to communicate with all first responders in case of emergency.

The funds you donate are tax deductible and 100 % of the monies will be used to support your Citizens on Patrol (COPP) program here in Norwood COPP volunteers will help make Norwood's business districts and neighborhoods a safer place by providing additional eyes and ears on the streets and reporting suspicious activity to police in a timely manner.

Won't you help us with this very important project? We welcome any financial help you can offer. All gifts will be acknowledged on our website as well as in our printed materials. Thank you for your ongoing support!


William Graff, WNNA Vice President/COPP (731-6977)
Lt. Tom Williams Jr., Norwood Police Community Affairs Officer (458-4545)

Make all checks payable to: West Norwood Neighborhood Association COPP
Mail to: Mary Ann Teeter, City of Norwood Treasurer's Office, 4645 Montgomery Road, Norwood Ohio 45212.
Mary Ann can be reached at 458-4580

Saturday, May 12, 2007

5/11/07 CORRECTION to "May COW meeting..." blog

5/11/07 CORRECTION: Thanks to a commenter’s scathing “thumbs down” critique of this blog, we’ve taken a closer look and see that we are guilty of confusion by merging the council events surrounding Tom Brown’s and his wife Casey Brown’s letters into a partially inaccurate 2nd paragraph above. We apologize to our readers.

First off, Mr. Schneider made a request, (not a motion after careful review of the meeting tape), to add Casey Brown’s letter regarding Senate Bill 117 to the April 24 meeting motion to amend the agenda, not her husband’s earlier letter to council regarding South Norwood problems, which did appear on the 4/10/07 council agenda. That action is why we are pleased with Mr. Schneider, and our thumbs down for Mr. Mumper and Mr. Sanker are for their remarks during that meeting.

Secondly, we still give Brigid Kelly and Keith Moore thumbs up for their support of the police coming to the 5/1/07 COW meeting. However, we’re adding Mike Gabbard to the list, since he spoke favorably about it as well. Mayor Williams and Mr. Sanker expressed misgivings about Mr. Brown’s letter, and judging from his remarks, Mr. Sanker struck us as less than enthused about asking the police to attend COW. Thumbs down.

So to be clear, Tom Brown’s letter about South Norwood problems was on the 4/10/07 council agenda, and Ms. Kelly quickly placed it into the May COW meeting with an invitation for the police to attend. Mr. Schneider intervened with a request to get Ms. Brown’s letter regarding Senate Bill 117 on the 4/24/07 meeting agenda and read aloud.

Lastly, to our critic, no “haste to spin the truth to laud a council member” was at play here. The inaccurate paragraph was the result of the kind of trick the mind sometimes plays, and we will be more watchful of it in the future. However, yes, we do like to praise our elected when we see opportunities to do so.

5/12/07, 7:45 a.m., UPDATE: The Haloscan comments for this blog disappeared some time yesterday afternoon. Other users reported the same problem on the Haloscan forum yesterday. Usually, comments are restored fairly quickly after they go down. Since the box is still missing this morning, we emailed Haloscan directly about the problem. Fortunately, we were able to retrieve the comments, and they are posted directly below until Haloscan restores them.

Comments for 5/9/07 "May COW meeting police clips..."

Thumbs down to the author. In the author's haste to spin the truth to laud a council member the truth has been lost. Reporting the news may be a service, spinning out of control is a disservice.
Anonymous | 05.10.07 - 9:53 pm | #

I'm confused by your post. What "truth" was lost? Can you give the rest of us a clue as to what you are talking about?
WONDER | 05.11.07 - 6:57 am | #

actually can you give the rest of us what YOU are talking about?

No one intervened - the letter was on the agenda.
Anonymous | 05.11.07 - 10:29 am | #

Then why was there a vote to put it on the April 26 council meeting after Schneider made the motion and why did Mumper explain why he voted against putting on the agenda that night?
Anonymous | 05.11.07 - 10:45 am | #

there wasn't and he didn't.
Anonymous | 05.11.07 - 1:44 pm | #

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

4/19/07 BOE Resolution to Appoint Designee for Expulsion Appeals

Whereas, Section 3313.66 of the Ohio Revised Code provides that a board of education may appoint a designated hearing officer to serve as its designee during expulsion appeals; and

Whereas, the Norwood City School District Board of Education (hereafter the "Board") has determined that it is in its best interest to appoint a designated hearing officer to serve as its designee during the expultion appeals; and

Whereas, the Board has determined that Thomas Pflaumer has the necessary qualifications o serve as the Board's designee during expulsion appeals.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Norwood City School District Board of Education as follows:

Thomas Pflaumer is hereby appointed as the Board's designated hearing officer for all expulsion appeals brought pursuant to section 3313.66 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Thomas Pflaumer shall have all the legal authority the Board is granted pursuant to Ohio law to conduct, hear, and decide all expulsion appeals brought pursuant to section 3313.66 of the Ohio Revised Code.

IT IS FOUND AND DETERMINED that all formal action of this Board concerning or related to the adoption of this Resolution was adopted in an open meeting of this Board, and all deliberations of this Board and any of its committees that resulted in such formal actions were adopted n meetings open to the public, in compliance with all applicable requirements of the Ohio Revised Code.

Ms. Atwood moved and Ms. Gay seconded the motion that the above Resolution be adopted.

Upon roll call and the adoption of the Resolution, the vote was as follows:

Yeas: Mr. Guy, Ms. Gay, Ms. Atwood

Nays: Mr. Miracle, Mr. Faulkner