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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Comments for 5/9/07 "May COW meeting police clips..."

Thumbs down to the author. In the author's haste to spin the truth to laud a council member the truth has been lost. Reporting the news may be a service, spinning out of control is a disservice.
Anonymous | 05.10.07 - 9:53 pm | #

I'm confused by your post. What "truth" was lost? Can you give the rest of us a clue as to what you are talking about?
WONDER | 05.11.07 - 6:57 am | #

actually can you give the rest of us what YOU are talking about?

No one intervened - the letter was on the agenda.
Anonymous | 05.11.07 - 10:29 am | #

Then why was there a vote to put it on the April 26 council meeting after Schneider made the motion and why did Mumper explain why he voted against putting on the agenda that night?
Anonymous | 05.11.07 - 10:45 am | #

there wasn't and he didn't.
Anonymous | 05.11.07 - 1:44 pm | #